The Summer Pond, by Elliot

I remember it like it was yesterday. A pond full of fish. A head full of excitement and dreams. We’d planned the day for a few weeks. I organised the trip, along with my teachers Gareth and Josh. On the day itself, I got up bright and early; the weather was sunny at seven in the morning, even. I got my gear ready but was too excited to eat breakfast.

We were heading to a local pond, teeming with fish. Best of all, it was next to marshland and the wild Goshall Stream, which is full of pike, perch and marsh frogs.

When we got to the pond, we unpacked all of our gear out of the minibus. Sheena said “Goodbye and Good Luck”, as if we were going on a mission to Mars.

Me and Gareth bought pints of maggots and showed Alkmund and Saffron how to float fish. It wasn’t long before they hooked into a fish. They each caught some stunning small perch and roach.

By this point, I was becoming jealous because I wanted to fish!

So, I unpacked my own rod and cast into the middle of the one-acre sized pond. It wasn’t long before I had an aggressive take. The float flashed under the water and I struck.

The bream was a nice reward but a slimy one at that.

Next up, we went frog hunting with our nets! This was great fun, seeing as though they were everywhere. It was peak spawning season and they were making a lot of noise. Look at this one my friend caught!

And here’s me with one:

When it got too hot, we had a shelter to escape the sun.

Gareth took us rabbit spotting. He lied about seeing a rabbit. Saffron believed him. I didn’t! Typical Gareth. But he wasn’t lying about the mink we saw the other time we were here. It ran across the road as we were driving up to the pond.

The day got hotter. The fishing got better. Just as I spotted a monster carp, I heard Sheena tooting the minibus horn. I looked back at the water. The fish had vanished from sight.

But not from my day-dreams.

Thanks for reading, Elliot.

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