Coco’s Review of ‘Kes’ by Barry Hines

My name is Coco and I attend Great Oaks School in Kent.

I first came here last summer and I really enjoy it. I find it peaceful and I have made some good friends, particularly Saffron. We eat lunch together under the tree, when the weather’s bearable. Which it hasn’t been for ages.

One of my favourite subjects is art. Tonia is my art teacher. She is brilliant! I have enjoyed having the opportunity to experiment with oils, clays and watercolours.

Tonia took the amazing photograph of the kestrel you can see above. We regularly see them in and around the school. Recently, I’ve read a book all about them, ‘Kes’.

‘Kes’ is all about a boy called Billy, who has a bit of a bad time with everything in his day-to-day life: school, home, family.

Billy’s escape is his kestrel, which he cares for and trains. Their bond is strong and it helps Billy to have time to be himself.

Time away from home is the only time Billy has to himself without facing the constant judgement of others.

I liked ‘Kes’. I’m going to recommend it to my little brother, who insists on training our pet seagull ‘Terence’.

It’s been nice writing this. I will blog again soon, perhaps about another book or a film. Or even about ‘Terence’!

Thanks for reading, Coco

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