Early Spring, by Elliot

Monday- February 28th 2022

Recently, I’ve been staring into the pond waiting for the newts to wake up from their winter slumber.

Today is the last day of February. We are waiting for the birds and the bees to come out of hibernation.

Today, I saw the first male newt of the year (I can tell by the long tail and the spots on the belly; I’m a David Attenborough fan). I also saw my first bumblebee and have heard the green woodpecker call at least 15 times.

Here are some photos and a video of the year’s first bee.

Spring could be coming early this year.

I hope so.

Thanks for reading, Elliot

First bee of the year

6 thoughts on “Early Spring, by Elliot

  1. Hey Elliot, I’m really impressed by your recent blog and quite jealous of your newt photograph. Remind me to get the camera’s out again soon and we can take some more pictures for your folder.

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