Spring Creative Writing Competition 2022

Hello and welcome! We’ve had some amazing entries this season. Special mentions must go to Jamai, Coco, Saffron and Lilley for their excellent efforts.

This year’s themes were spring-time, new life and… newts! The schoolyard at Great Oaks is full of them at the moment.

As always, we received a huge amount of entries- so many that I needed Lisa to help me to display them!

Our prizes for this year include three copies of the Harry Potter novel ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ and one copy of the popular young adult novel ‘One of Us is Lying’ by Karen McManus.

In third place was Bowdy, who has clearly worked very hard at his writing over the past few months. His story ‘The Bad Tad’ was well paragraphed and invited us into a parallel world where super-evolved amphibians rule the universe. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this and are now looking forward to your sequel, Bowdy!

Second place is Mason, with his beautiful tale of a man and his pet newt. A man called ‘Clog’ loses his pet newt, only to later find him alive and well- in the talons of a mysterious bird of prey. This was probably the most imaginative of all our entries. This story has proven very popular and it’s spent no small amount of time being passed around the staffroom.

Isabella took first place this year, with her masterful story ‘The Natural Crimson’. Set in a post-apocalyptic future earth, mankind must fend off the attacks of six feet tall, mutated cyber-newts! As always, Isabella has paid particular attention to structure. Her story is beautifully written, full of suspense and concludes with a terrifying finale.

Isabella even began designing a front cover, to go with her story. I hope she will continue this in her art lessons? The image below is just her first draft- it shows two of the humanoid newts. We really like it!

The winner of the sixth form entrants was Ellie, who won with a lovely story entitled ‘The Adventures of Notorious Ned and Nicole’. This follows two of Great Oaks’ newts, as they escape the school pond and have a series of mysterious interactions with students/staff. Smashing stuff! Well done, Ellie!

We are overwhelmed by the number of wonderful entries we received this spring! Our next creative writing competition is in the summer term.

In conclusion, may I take this opportunity to wish all of our young writers and their families a very happy 2022 Easter Break!

Gareth Craddock, English Teacher

2 thoughts on “Spring Creative Writing Competition 2022

    1. Great stuff, Ian- I’ll share this with the students- Our next contest will be at the end of the summer term (July). I’ve not thought about what themes to include yet- Feel free to give us some idea! Thanks, Gareth


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