Logan and the Lizard that was a Newt

Good morning and Happy Solstice from Great Oaks!

We’re using this blog to drop off a short video.

It’s June 21st 2022 and Logan made friends with a baby newt yesterday. It was in an area where it might be trampled so he moved it nearer to the pond. At first, I thought it was a lizard- and was quite definite on it (!)- but then I had my doubts…

Where is Elliot at times like this?! He’d have identified it in a jiffy.

Anyway, here’s to Logan- King of the Newts!

Best Regards, Great Oaks


4 thoughts on “Logan and the Lizard that was a Newt

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Ian! I think these ones are quite common- but a newt is a newt. They’re all special! Best Regards, Great Oaks Small School


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