Summer Writing Contest Winners 2022!

Hello and Welcome to our final!

The entries are in. As usual, we received lots of good stories; we’ve sorted, read and judged them.

We now have THREE winners to announce! Prizes this year are one copy each of a hardback limited edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

We have two joint winners for first place! And a separate third place winner.

First of all, we should give a special mention to Mason, whose entry scared the living daylights out of me! Our themes this summer were sharks and haunted theme parks. Mason chose the latter and wrote about ‘the Queen of the Theme Park’- a ghost who terrorizes the holidaymakers at a local attraction. Mason narrowly misses out on the prize board this year, but we fully expect him to make it back there next time!

In third place this year was Chloe, whose story focuses on a never-ending, haunted helter skelter ride. Now, this was a really scary story; it ended up with the main character being stuck high up on an ancient helter skelter, which dated back to the 1500s. The only way out is to crack a complicated code.

Well Done, Chloe! Enjoy your prize!

In joint equal first place are Isabella and Sophie!

SOPHIE’s story was written in a unique style; by sticking ‘snippets’ of her writing onto craft paper, she created an atmosphere of spookiness, even before I began reading:

In her story, she carefully weaves the tale of a group of friends who like to stalk about abandoned buildings by night. All is well until they reach an old theme park… A character called Eddie then finds out just how wrong things can go….

What a great story this was! Well done, SOPHIE!– and we hope you enjoy your prize!

Our other joint winner was… ISABELLA! Isabella really put some time into her excellent entry. Her hard work really shows- as does her improved sentence construction. It’s really clear that she’s becoming a stronger writer. One thing that Isabella really does well is structure. Her story is split into five chapters, beginning with ‘I’m not scared’ and ending with ‘I miss you’. The first chapter name is so full of foreshadowing. And the second chapter is written in cypher (‘…__._..) I’m still trying to work this out! But that’s great! Isabella’s writing choices have really got me thinking.

Isabella also has a habit of setting her stories in an unexpected timeframe; she has chosen the haunted theme park theme but she has set the events in the years 2122-2123. We love this strange juxtaposition of old and new.

The best part of her writing lies in the darker details however: John and Ember have made a deal with ‘the entities’- a powerful group of evil spirits that haunt a theme park in the future. Isabella has a lot of fun with the ending: just when you think it’s all over (the group are restrained in a dungeon beneath the park, with little hope of escape), an autistic character called John bursts in with a flame thrower (!) and saves the day.

Thanks to all students who contributed entries! They were wonderful!

It’s hard to believe that the next writing championship will be just before Christmas. That gives us lots of time to sharpen up our writing skills…

But before that, have a lovely Summer Holiday!

Best Wishes from the Great Oaks Team

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